WSUD Toolkit

Water Sensitive Urban Design Toolkit for Greater Adelaide Region

The South Australian Government is seeking to integrate Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) into all urban development and buildings to achieve a more secure and sustainable future for Greater Adelaide. The Water For Good policy and draft 30-year Plan for Greater Adelaide identify WSUD as a key instrument in pursuing more water efficient and sustainable urban development and public open spaces.

A comprehensive guide on Water Sensitive Urban Design for the Greater Adelaide Region is available online at The technical manual covers a range of techniques to integrate the management of all water resources and the total water cycle into the urban development process. Residential, commercial and industrial developments and buildings can all apply WSUD measures, and the technical manual provides practical information and measures which can be adopted, depending on the size and nature of the development, building or open space.

Hardcopies or CD copies of the technical manual are also available by contacting the Department of Planning and Local Government on 8303 0725, or emailing

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