The Hydrological Society of South Australia Inc. formed in 1969 with objectives to promote an interest in the science of hydrology and to promote concern for water resources and their management, conservation and use. Please download the text of The Constitution of the Hydrological Society of South Australia Inc.

We seek to:

  • encourage the study of hydrology;
  • promote accurate assessment of the economic, environmental and legal aspects of water resources management;
  • promote wise development of water resources; and,
  • provide a forum for the interchange of ideas and knowledge.

The Society is a non-profit organisation with currently over 150 members. Membership of the Society is open to professionals, technical officers, students and to members of the public.

Annual fees are only $15 to encourage active participation in the Society and to ensure our activities are available to all. Membership is only available to individuals.

Membership entitles you to receive our newsletters and to attend our evening seminars, which often feature visiting experts. Topics presented range from current natural hydrological events of major significance to outlines of research and water management topics at the cutting edge of the water industry.

To keep abreast of what is happening in the field of hydrology and more, download and complete the membership application form, or contact us for further information:

The Membership Officer
Hydrological Society of South Australia Inc.
PO Box 6136 Halifax Street